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    Soft Carpets

    Soft carpets are also known by another name in the carpet industry, Saxony Carpets. These are carpets which tend to have longer fibres or thread, which create that soft feel underfoot when they are being stepped on. There are many types of fibres which can be used in the make-up of making a carpet, but 'softer carpets' generally don't have wool in them. This is relatable as we all have different expectations when it comes to soft feelings. the softer carpets tend to be made out of polypropylene, polyamide and or polyester. These are all synthetic fibres/ man-made fibres. To create a large number of varieties in feel these make-up differ. mostly an 80/20 or an 80/10/10 split or on the rare occasion they can get creative. To find our more about the variations and the different soft carpets, follow the link below.

    Hard-wearing carpets

    When looking for a hard-wearing carpet, you want to look for a carpet that has short fibres or 'pile', and that is also very dense. Density is key here, the denser your carpet is, thread count per square inch, the longer your carpet will look better. This density in effect, keeps the other fibres standing up, and in so doing makes the carpet look newer for longer. Some carpet suppliers will take to you about ounces or gages. These can be good indicators but this is not always the case. The best method is to actually look and feel the carpet. if you can brush the carpet and you see movement in the pile or fibre, the quicker it will start showing traffic. if you see little or no movement in the carpet, and you struggle to get to see the backing, you have found a very hard-wearing carpet. To see more about hard-wearing carpets, click on the link below.

    Wool Carpets

    Wool Carpets have been around for many, many years and have stood the test of time, and most quality wool carpets can last between 25-35 years. Wool carpets come in all shapes and sizes, as they say. A Twist Wool Carpet, where 2 or 3 fibres are spun together to help create muscle memory in the carpet to bounce back to its original position after being walked on. A Wool Loop Carpet, are of longer fibres that are looped in continuation to create textured effects and designers. The Looped versions come in 100% wool and some come ina 50/50, which is 50% wool and 50% man-made. The Twist versions again come in a standard 80/20 style (80% wool) and many variations of the other. Wool Carpets are seen as the hardest of wearing carpets, which they are, whereas the softer man-made versions are less expensive but originally made to change with fashion trends. To find out more about Wool Carpets, follow the link below.

    Bleach Cleanable Carpets

    Man-made carpets or synthetic carpets are all bleach cleanable. Now, before going any further we must clarify. When it's said to be a bleach-cleanable carpet, that means you can use a 10%, or 20% at most, bleach solution to clean your carpets. A solution of 10% bleach and 90% water will work, you can go up to 20% for tougher stains. If you use bleach directly, your carpets will not be covered and they will most likely show damage. 

    Bleach cleanable or Easy Clean Carpets are very trendy and less expensive than wool carpets. Ideal for young families or when buying your first home, as they are easy to clean and maintain for busy households. 

    Bedroom Carpets

    Bedroom Carpets will always come down to choice. A Choice if you want a durable carpet and you prefer it softer underfoot. We have found. There are quite a few carpets which fall into the happy medium bracket but generally, you will have to sacrifice a little bit either way. In our experience, softer carpets are the way to go in bedrooms and you wake up each morning and the soft feel that hits your toes each morning, starting your day off on the right foot, is the best choice. Each home and preference is unique though, so we suggest speaking to one of our experienced carpet experts to give you the best advice for you and your home. To find out more about Bedroom Carpets, follow the link below.

    Sitting Room Carpets

     Not all sitting rooms are equal, and neither are our customers. Meaning, some sitting rooms are closed off and just used for the family to relax in, while others have access in them to the garden or other rooms. This will create a different need in your home as the traffic of walk-through access will create more wear. The larger families will also create more traffic and thus wear or more accurately, flatten. We normally advise having it soft and luxurious in your lounge or sitting room as the whole family meets and relaxes in this part of the home. While we prefer to advise each family on their own preferences and how they’d like to enjoy their time in their own home, we’d say stick to a good underlay and a feel that’s comfortable. To find our more about Sitting Room Carpets, follow the link below.

    Looped Carpets

    Loop pile Carpets or looped pile carpets are continuous lengths of fibres that are spun around each in a twirl to create many different feels, designs, patterns and textures. Often used in high-traffic areas due to the design and nature of the looped carpet itself. The loop creates a locking effect so that there isn’t a loose fibre to be flattened by stepping on it. Thus these types of carpets look better for longer. Ideal for stairs, sitting rooms and anywhere in the home. The only real red flag here is pets. Due to the nature of the loops,  when a pet’s claws get caught in the strands while running across the house or create resistance for cats to claw at, this can hard your carpet and strands could well be pulled out. Looped pile carpets remain very popular. To find out more about looped carpets follow the link below.

    Stair carpets

     Stair carpets take the hardest knock in any home. This is due to the way we walk on the stairs. It is very different from how you would walk around a room. It takes your full weight and more as you come down the stairs on each step and then again we use a conserved effort to press ourselves up the stairs when climbing them, thus more pressure on each step on the stairs. Thus a hard-wearing carpet is needed to last on the stairs, or appreciate that if you do go for comfort on the stairs, it won’t look as new for longer. Your stairs can also be used as a feature in your home, as it’s the first thing you normally see when coming into the home or from the door. Splashing something adventurous on the stairs will make you the envy of the neighbourhood. To find out more about stairs and carpets on stairs, please follow the link below.

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